IISc - IBM Research Third Operations Research and Data Analytics Workshop
March 3-4, 2008


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Foundations of Mechanism Design

March 2, 2008, Department of Computer Science and Automation, CSA Seminar Hall, First Floor, CSA-254, IISc, Bangalore 9 AM - 1 PM

Mechanism design, an important tool in microeconomics, has recently found widespread applications in modeling and solving decentralized design problems in many branches of engineering, notably computer science, electronic commerce, supply chain management, network economics, and services science and engineering. Mechanism design is concerned with settings where a social planner faces the problem of aggregating the announced preferences of multiple agents into a collective decision when the agents exhibit strategic behavior. The objective of this workshop is to provide a tutorial introduction to the foundations and key results in mechanism design theory. The tutorial will be presented by Prof. Y. Narahari (IISc, Bangalore), Dr. Dinesh Garg (IBM IRL, Bangalore), Dr. T. S. Chandrashekar (GM India Science Lab, Bangalore), Ramasuri Narayanam (Doctoral student, Department of CSA, IISc), Sujit Gujar (Doctoral Student, Department of CSA, IISc), and Hastagiri Prakash (Guruji.com, Bangalore).